Friday, August 28, 2009

My Craft Fair Goods

I added many photos of all my crafts so the application reviewers can see all of my work.

Links to the blog entries for each craft:
Plastic Army Men Bowls
Ticket Bowls
Silly Spoonrests
Funky Soaps
Record Bags
Resin Goodies
Other Random Crafts

Other Random Crafts

Biology Knitted Frog

River Rock Floormat

Necktie Purse
Knitted Felted Flower Purse

Hairy Monster Bag

Pez Bag

Alien Hat

Peppermint Patty Purse

Under the Sea Bag

My favorite

Furry Orange Knitted Felt Purse

Resin Goodies

Resin Pendants

Resin Pendant with shrinky dinks inside (the tree one) and a leaf in resin!

Resin Spoon Pendants
Resin Sprinkle Light Switch and Plug Covers
Clover Pendant

Wisconson Prarie Light Switch Cover

Record Bags

Record bags made with all kinds of records and fun funky fabrics!

Funky Soaps

Soaps made with beer, crayon soaps, cupcake bath bombs

Handmade soap made with Heinkins beer

Crayon Soaps - kids can color on the side of the tub with this fun soap then it washes away!

Cupcake Bath Bombs - Do NOT eat, bathe with!

Silly Unique Spoonrests

My latest crafty love...silly spoonrests!!

Chocolate Lab Hair Spoon Rest - featured on Craftastrophe (

Toe Nail Spoonrest - yea, yea they are real toe nails saved for about 5 years...

3 Egg (and shells) Spoonrest

Ticket Bowls

Bowls made from ticket rolls.