Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well today I'm working on preparing my journal for the Craftster Journal Swap. I won't share pictures of my pages yet since I should wait till my partners receive and the swap is over. I'm also attempting to do the 365 photo challenge...but this might be hard since I'm not into photography. Oh well my pictures just won't be as fabulous as everybody else's.

I'll share pictures of my other swap though. I'm in the Bargain Hunter Swap. One of my partners received her package so I'll post my pictures of it. The goal was to make/give as much as you can for $10. I think I actually did a great job finding deals.

I made her a calorimetry (a headband thing you can wear instead of a hat in the winter), a cupcake hat and a record bag.

Here's the record bag:

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