Wednesday, May 20, 2009

100 Facts about Me

I'm doing another swap on Craftster and this one has the theme 100 Facts about me. I spent some time today coming up with my 100 things so here we go:

1. I love Roller Coasters.
2. I love my pink scooter (Genuine Buddy 125).
3. I have 3 pets - a cat Karen, dog Ted, guinia pig Mark.
4. I grew up in Pennsylvania, moved to Utah for two years, now living in Ohio. Going to move again soon (hopefully).
5. I use to be super super shy. I'm a little better now.
6. I got married on the Raptor (roller coaster) at Cedar Point!
7. My favorite color is pink.
8. My favorite TV show is Grey's Anatomy.
9. I also love reality shows - Amazing Race, Top Chef, Top Model.
10. I love The Great Urban Race (google it). I was in it twice. My blog about it:
11. I love trying to do weird things with resin.
12. I love exercising. I expecially love spinning class!
13. My dream car is a 4 door Jeep Wrangler (which I own!!).
14. I love the Sims Online (which no longer exists....sadness).
15. I love/collect smashed pennies.
16. I love fun food crafts.
17. I love weird/fun journals. Expecially ones that ask you questions to answer.
18. I love sandles.
19. I have 3 tatoos - a star thingy on my ankle, a single butterfly and 3 butterflies (which my mom and my sister have the same one).
20. I love roadside attractions! Expecially large things (the large picnic basket building is my absolute favorite).
21. I love laser tag.
22. My favorite meal/food would be a tuna salad sandwich, a pickled egg, some mac and cheese, and a lime ice tea.
23. I work from home and love it!
24. I hate flying in airplanes!
25. I love cacti.
26. Every year we go on a road trip to a different part of the US.
27. I've been to 37 out of the 50 states.
28. I really want to learn how to do needle felting.
29. I hate the college I went to (University of Pittsburgh).
30. I have degrees in Computer Science and Math.
31. I need a career change really bad but I don't know what I want to do!
32. I love reading about roller coaster/amusement park accidents.
33. My husband is certified to be a roller coaster inspector, but he can't find a job.
34. I check the craiglist free section every day...who am I kidding..multiple times a day.
35. I love doing the 365 photo challenge (
36. I hated living in Utah but I love the "southwest style" theme...I'm going to do our living room in someday.
37. I love taking craft classes at Joann's.
38. I've rode 119 different roller coasters and been to 23 different amusement parks.
39. I'm addicted to facebook...I'm a facebook stalker!
40. I'm going to write a book about my funny adventures.
41. I wear pajama pants all day long and only change when I go out and as soon as I go home I change back.
42. I love Halloween. Last halloween we worked in a haunted house at Cedar Point. I was a scary clown but I hated it. The people where weirdos.
43. I want to learn to ride my road bike and be in the "Tour de Tuna" race in July.
44. I love eating at unique restaurants.
45. My number one roadside attractions I want to see is the giant knit bunny rabit in Europe somewhere.
46. I will someday own a roadside attraction.
47. I started my very own "paint ball" (like this:
48. I love cake decorating.
49. I want to someday teach craft classes.
50. I also want to someday teach spinning (biking) or aerobic classes.
51. I want to learn to ride a real motorcycle this summer. (I already have my motorcycle license for my scooter but I can't drive a real motorcycle).
52. I get bored really easily.
53. I might want to be a dog trainer someday.
54. I pretty much check my online vitals (email, craftster, facebook, craigslist) every hour every day.
55. I love wisting. I'm so glad I discovered it!
56. As a kid, I did civil war reenacting every weekend. I wore the big hoop skirt and everything. Ahha.
57. I use to be terrified of aliens...then I went to Roswell and realized it's all just fake.
58. I love things made out of neckties.
59. I love being tan...and I know tanning is super bad for you but I still love it!
60. I've been to the real GroundHog's Day twice (nothing nothing like the movie - you get there at like 3 in the morning, freezing cold weather, stand around till like 7, see the 5 minute ceremony, then hike back down the snowy hill - not very much fun...)
61. I love hermit crabs but don't own one anymore. Kyle 2 grew out of his shell and had a horrible death...I still can't get over it.
62. I feel really bad for cows...I want to stop eating meat someday.
63. My dog, Ted, is "special" He has seizures and is not very bright...but we stil love him.
64. My huband will someday build a roller coaster in our back yard.
65. I recently made a 22 foot 2 inch tall marshmallow tower for a contest.
66. I really want to run a marathon someday but first I have to convince myself I like to run.
67. I love "Earth Art" (google - the Spiral Jetty in Utah or the sun tunnels in Utah).
68. I like taking my dog, Ted and my sister's dog, Roger, to the dog park.
69. My family never has a normal Christmas tree anymore. For example, last year I made mine out of poster board and my sister decorated her's like a snow man (with big eyes and a top hat).
70. I get offended when opposing sport fans are rude to each other at sporting events.
71. I am a very slight feminist only to odd things.
72. I'm always cold.
73. I have very greezy hair and have to wash it at least once a day.
74. I pronounce the word wash as warsh.
75. I hate driving and make others drive whenever possible.
76. I hate people who think my scooter goes slow even though I'm clearly doing over the speed limit.
77. I always wanted to visit a dude ranch.
78. I like getting massages from students at massage schools.
79. I also prefer getting my hair cut at hair cutting schools because it's always a fun experience.
80. I hate when water gets on my face. I don't like waterslides or swimming for this reason.
81. I love pink flamingos. They remind me of the Sims where she kicks the flamingo.
82. I don't like boring colors - black, brown, white, grey, ect...
83. I love hard boiled eggs...really any kind of eggs.
84. I can never just watch TV, I always have to be doing something else (crafts or internet or whatever).
85. I even sometimes I to just watch TV with it muted.
86. My favorite thing about Philadelphia is the super yummy philly cheesesteaks from Pat's.
87. My husband annoys me when he "clicks" his fingernail on these ridges on his teeth...he does it all the time!
88. I very rarely change my jewerly. I only like jewerly that I can wear for extended periods of time.
89. One time, my husband and I got stuck in the mud in the Jeep in the middle of Utah hours away from any civilation. Luckly a dirtbike man saved us.
90. I'm scared of ferris wheels, spiders, and Unsolved Mysteries.
91. I love watching the medical channel (excpet that now it seems to be the Baby channel and I hate that...).
92. I love organizing things - not only objects in my house but also trips. I'd make a good travel agent if people needed those anymore.
93. I use to play board games with myself because nobody else would play them with me.
94. I once tried to write to a million (each number counting up to a million). I didn't get very far.
95. I like listening to music that they play during spinning class the gym on my ipod. It makes me want to bike.
96. I always find a way to break my cell phone. One time I had one with a hands free device duct taped around it because the speaker and microphone broke.
97. People and thier restored old "classic" cars annoy me.
98. I don't like firemen.
99. I got straight A's in college.
100. I feel very conceited talking about myself this much.


  1. This is trampycouture, your partner!

    32. I freaked out when I read about the accident where the girl got both her legs amputated a while back from a ride.

    39. I'm such a facebook addict too. I will try to search for you on there.

    54. I am very much like this with my "online vitals." As I type this, my husband is sitting on his own computer (yes, we each have our own) playing Everquest.

    75. I HATE driving too! Ugh!

    84. I can't just watch TV either. I think that's part of the reason I do crafts. I can't sit still!

    90. OMG the man on Unsolved Mysteries has the scariest voice. That show brings back memories of my childhood when I wanted my parents to change it because I was scared.

    You sound like such a fun and interesting person. I hope I can craft some nice stuffs for you!

  2. Hi, Im in the 100 facts swap with you (different partner) . Your list is so fun :)